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Membership Benefits

Membership in a village provides many benefits, some that may be surprising.
  • Affordability: Membership costs are much more affordable than retirement communities or assisted living facilities. In Oregon, the average cost per month for assisted living is $3,880, and retirement communities can be much higher. By contrast, full service village membership is just $540 for an individual, $780 for two persons, per year.
  • Social connectedness: Living in community has been shown to positively affect physical and mental health for aging populations. Eastside Village offers a wide variety of social events and opportunities to connect with each other and intergenerational groups.
  • Volunteerism: Volunteering has been shown to be incredibly important to keep the mind and body active, and provide meaning to one's life. Eastside Village has volunteers from its own members, and the wider community - neighbors helping neighbors.
  • Vetted Vendor List: Eastside Village works with vendors to provide services our volunteers are unable to provide. These vendors are screened for training in working with older adults, and are background checked per their respective licensing agencies. Our fiscal agent, Villages NW, maintains a list of approved vendors available to all Portland-area villages.
  • Programs: A variety of educational and cultural programs are organized for Eastside Village members and the public. There is generally no cost for members, while non-members are asked to pay a fee.
  • Services: Eastside Village offers a unique "one-stop shopping" approach to serving members. One call offers easy access to high-quality preferred service providers who have been carefully vetted by our staff.

Eastside Village: 503-866-0571 • • 3915 SE Steele St., Portland, OR 97202